Most Profitable Digital Nichés for Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking to start a new affiliate project and you want to stick to the digital niché this is the post for you.

In this article I am going to stick to listing digital affiliate nichés, this means affiliate nichés that do not involve physical stock of the products you market.

Why choose a digital niché?

The reason why you should choose a digital niché and not one that depends on physical stock is the limitations that physical stock does to your business.

Many products like shoes, ping pong tables etc can go out of stock.

What does this mean for your business?

Yea, your products cannot be sold and you are wasting valuable traffic.

With a digital niché like the ones I write about in this post, this is not possible because they are digital and of unlimited supply.

Let’s get started shall we;

1. Gambling niché

This is the niché I myself am most active in and the one that I think is the best from a monetary perspective.

How it works:

You send customers to casinos via tracking links to online casinos and they reward you either by CPA, lifetime rev share or flat payments.

2. Loan niché

Just like gambling, loans are also a non-physical service which makes it available in unlimited supply given that you get approved to take out a loan.

How it works:

You send loan seekers to banks that then pay you a CPA for every approved loan you’ve sent.

3. Adult niché

Even though a lot of apps are coming out for dating, the adult genré which is not accepted on mainstream apps stays strong.

Promoting adult sites on adult content affiliate sites pays good money.

How it works:

You send new members to adult sites and the affiliate program of the adult sites pays you in CPA or lifetime rev share of the membership fees.

4. Dating niché

Mainstream dating apps are very popular and they make a ton of money in revenue. You can send new members to dating sites and earn a commission.

How it works:

You send new dating members to dating apps or sites and get rewarded in CPA or lifetime rev share.

5. Web hosting niché

More people are making websites than ever. This makes web hosting services make a lot of money and you can have a share of it if you send them new customers.

How it works:

You send customers to the web host and get CPA or lifetime rev share on new customers that subscribes to a web hosting package.

6. VPN niché

Today you can get access to a lot more streaming services and offerings if you are using a VPN. You are browsing to web more safely which is why VPN services are making good money from subscribers to their services.

How it works:

When you send a new subscriber to the VPN service, they will reward you with a CPA or lifetime rev share.

7. Course niché

Online courses are increasing in popularity and people are willing to pay for them. This is a very high margin niché and course creators are generally happy to give you a share for helping them sell their courses.

How it works:

You receive a CPA for every sale you refer.

8. Email Niché

For E-mails, there are a few different services available for affiliation.

One is the opt-in forms that people use in order to sign up to your ESP (E-mail service provider). Another one is the ESP itself which handles your E-mail leads and lets you send out E-mails.

How it works:

You receive a CPA or lifetime rev share for every new customer to the E-mail service you promote.


All of these nichés I’ve listed above are great if you do not want to be limited by stock and just worry about your traffic.

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