How to Grow Followers on Threads (Step-By-Step Guide)

Did you just get started on Threads and want to learn more about growing your follower count?

No problem! Let’s get started.

Being early on a new social media platform is a great way of getting a head start to grow a large following; Threads is an Instagram-dependent app, meaning you need an Instagram account to become a user.

Here is a list of steps to grow your followers fast on Threads!

1. Follow Everyone You Follow on Instagram

When creating your account, you get prompted to follow everyone you have on Instagram. This seems to be the number one way people are getting followers currently.

As Instagram already have massive follower bases for their user account, this creates a fast path to market as a new microblogging media.

So, to continue, just click the “follow everyone” button.

Sidenote: Unlike Twitter, Threads does show how many people you follow in the app currently.

2. Create Great Posts or Steal Good Performing Posts From Twitter

So there are no hashtags on Threads currently, and there is no FYP (For you page).

Posts in the Threads feed are purely algorithmic. This means you must post good posts that create engagement to be pushed in the algo.

The hard way of doing this is to develop these posts yourself; the easy way is to steal good performing tweets in the niché of followers you want to grow and make threads about these same topics on Threads.

3. Add Photos or Gifs to All Posts

Adding color, moving images, etc., will make your posts stand out and grow your account more easily!

4. Trend Surf

Like most social media, ride on trends!

Right now, most people are new to Threads, and there is a massive brawl between Zuckerberg and Musk, with many people believing the recent reports of Twitter trying to sue Threads will lead to a “trial by combat” between the two tech billionaires.

Take advantage of this fuzz now and create content that will get traction on Threads; it’ll surely get you followers!

5. Engage, Engage and Engage

Make sure to follow and respond, react, and participate in discussions on threads; add value in this way, and your following will grow faster than you can say, MUSKERBERG!

Threads is a very new app, and this article will keep getting updated with news about its algo and how to grow your followers most efficiently!

Will also keep updates going on Threads, make sure to follow!

FAQ – Threads App

How many accounts can I follow per day on Threads?

Answer: You can follow 500 accounts per day on Threads.

When is Threads coming to Europe?

The app is coming to Europe when Meta has dealt with the EU regarding multi-platform privacy issues.

Why are there no hashtags on Threads?

Meta has not yet enabled hashtags on the app due to focusing purely on the algorithmic reach of threads and no manual targeting; this may change.

Can I create Threads account without Instagram?

No. You create a Threads account with your Instagram account.

Which one is better Threads or Twitter?

Currently, Twitter. Threads is too young to determine, but users are increasing exponentially, with over 10 million users in the first 24 hours.

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