Cannabis Clubs in Malta (How It Works)

On the 14th of December 2021, history was made in Malta when the government passed a bill to regulate and legalise cannabis for personal use. The bill was later signed by the president into law on the 18th of December 2021.

Since then the following cannabis rules apply on the Mediterranean island:

  1. You can carry 7g of cannabis in public. (You still can’t smoke in public)
  2. You can buy 7g per day or max 50g per month from cannabis clubs aka. cannabis associations.
  3. You need to be a member of a cannabis club to buy from them.
  4. At home you can have maximum: 4 plants, 20 seeds and 50g of dry herb.
  5. You can never smoke close to a minor (younger than 18 years old)

List of Cannabis Clubs (Associations)

No associations currently exist. I will keep this list updated as NGO’s get licensed.


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